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Eco Packaging Solutions, an innovative company from California that manufactures specialty packaging for the cannabis industry, has created a unique, patent-protected solution for the safe storage of cannabis and cannabis products. This company hired Artika to create a visual identity for their main brand and product line - Tin Canna cannabis containers. In addition, Artika designed all web assets and various other corporate and brand collateral that best reflect the company's business philosophy while presenting their unique line of products.

We opted for a concise, clear and clean design style, with an emphasis on functionality and the advantages of Tin Canna products. By using highly impactful visuals, we conveyed the client’s desired key messages to their audience. The clean and concise structure and design of this site communicates all the important information about the entire range of Tin Canna products in a quick, easy and effective way.


SYMPHONYLiqueur Range

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NATURA LANDPremium Pet Food

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