Freeze Dried Snacks

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The LYOO team reached out to Artika Studio to help develop their branding and design for a new freeze-dried food product line, including logo and packaging design across both digital and print assets. 

When LYOO tasked our creative team with building a unique brand identity that would be synonymous with healthy eating but would also communicate a sense of flavor intensity and playfulness, we started by tasting their products. The intensity of flavors in the LYOO products gave us a guideline for the message we wanted to communicate through design: an explosion of delicious flavors! The result was a brand identity featuring a bright, dynamic, vibrant and colorful design that stood out across POS, Web, Print Media and Packaging Design. 


Color Palette



NATURA LANDPremium Pet Food

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CLARITY EDIBLESCannabis Granola Minis

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