NFT Productions

Identity & Branding | Website Design & Development 

Spikey Ace is a creative studio specializing in NFTs. This studio outsources the entire creative production to Artika Studio and asked us being their strategic creative and design partner. We provided Spikey Ace with wide range of creative and design services, including creative and art direction, illustration and artwork as well as UX/UI and social media content design.

The pride Spikey Ace takes in partnering with Artika Studio is embodied in the logo itself, asking for the integration of our logo's visual features to be a part of the Spikey Ace logo. Simple but strong and effective colour code combined with a clean and straight to the point structure and design of the website and corporate assets are aligned well with the NFT industry Spikey Ace is a part of.



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Brand Logo Design | Label Design

DRAGIC VINABoutique Winery

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